Committed to Providing Superior Quality Services

About Us

Mississauga Bus Group of Companies (MBGC) is an innovative organization founded in 2002 by Owners Raj and Predeita Mahadeo.


We are committed to providing superior quality of professional services to our customers at a competitive price to achieve our end goal of ultimate customer satisfaction. We are constantly sourcing new and emerging vendors and bringing their products to the marketplace by working with customers through demos or product retrofits. We also aggressively keep up with emerging technology by continuous training from the O.E.Ms (Electric, Natural Gas, etc).

MBGC includes: Mississauga Bus, Coach & Truck Repairs (MBCT), Mississauga Fire Apparatus, Mississauga Recon Diesel Engine and Transmission and our new company Canadian Port and Heavy Equipment Sales. Our company has a highly skilled workforce that is ready for tomorrow’s technology and can perform even the most rigorous job with minimum downtime.

Our Founders


Owner and Director of Mississauga Bus Group of Companies, Raj Mahadeo started his company in 2002 with a single employee; himself. He has built it up to over 60 employees with 2 locations in Mississauga. Licensed Mechanic with 25 years of commercial vehicle repair experience Certified by VOLVO & CUMMINS 5 Years of experience in managing Transit repairs A visionary who looks forward to making MBGC a pioneer in the Automotive Service Industry.

Raj and Predeita have the vision to take Mississauga Bus of Group Companies to great heights and make it a pioneer in the service, repair, and sales for the automotive and heavy equipment industries. They maintain a personal oversight of the day to day operations to gauge and monitor customer satisfaction and simultaneously introduce new thoughts and techniques to improve efficiency. In line with their vision and long-term business growth plan, they are always thinking big and are in pursuit of acquiring new businesses to add to the existing business profile. They are also looking out for new dealerships or partnerships with renowned international O.E.M’s for growth opportunities.

Core Values

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide:

Minimal Downtime

Respect for Individuals

Honesty and Integrity

Quality at a Competitive Cost


MBGC has experienced a drastic expansion since its conception in 2002.

From our initial 2,000 square foot shop, we have progressively increased to our current over 80,000 square foot unit.

In 2009 MBCT was honoured in becoming an authorized Cummins dealership. Our group of companies currently has more than 15 dealerships and authorized warranty service facilities, of which we are authorized to do all: warranty, campaign, and complete repairs as well as overhauls.

  • Certified Hybrid Bus Repair Facility. Our technicians are trained on Natural Gas Engines.
  • All our Parts Cleaners are Green; waste/oil disposal is done as per Ontario regulations.
  • Fully trained technicians on New EPA 2013 (Exhaust After Treatment) regulations.

Physical Asset and Equipment
We prioritize reliability issues for our Customers through data collection. We guide our customers on preventive maintenance of key equipment on bus and efficient processes.

Craft Knowledge and Technical Skills
Training provided to our technicians so the root cause of the problem is found fast and repaired quickly.

Spare Parts and Material Resources
We avoid the high cost of low bid buying. We believe in buying only original O.E.M. parts.

We believe that each employee desires to participate in making the organization a better place and trust each other to achieve targeted goals.

We believe that people take pride and interest in their work of they experience autonomy and content over the decisions that affect them.

We believe that an involved and respected employee is a productive employee.

Parts Pricing
We keep our pricing fair and transparent for our customers.

Information Systems
We use our information systems effectively to convert lump sums of data into useful information which we use to continuously improve our status quo.

Warranty Costs
We are an ethical organization; chasing every warranty claim for our customers.

Craft Labour Resources
We monitor efficiency and output of our resources to constantly keep us ahead of our competitors.

  • We follow all safety protocols and government regulations.
  • Ongoing WHMIS, MSDS, and Safety Trainings.
  • Monthly Health & Safety Committee Meetings .