We solve electrical challenges for bus operators

Diagnostics, repairs, conversions, CCTV repairs.

* For special circumstances, we will extend our hours and/or open on Sunday to minimize your fleets downtime.

Electrical, Electronic Faults,
and Multiplexing

Best Electrical Engineers in Ontario
for Multiplexing, Diagnose and Repair

all electrical support that you need

We offer the most competitive prices in the Greater Toronto Area for periodic check and repair service to ensure maximum protection for your staff, passengers and vehicles.

Our technicians will diagnose and provide needed repair using high-quality components

Our repair shop is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, which allows us to find the key problem and repair quickly and carefully.


About Multiplexing

better way to repair

Multiplexing — connecting control components to a single shared circuit — allows vehicle control components to communicate directly with each other to share data and function control. Multiplexing reduces the amount of wires, connections and components. In summary, multiplexing reduces vehicle weight and cost, increases functionality and improves reliability. Plug-in modules can be fixed or reprogrammed in a matter of minutes.

The Multiplex module also serves as a centralized troubleshooting tool which simplifies the process of isolating causes of electrical malfunctions, without requiring special diagnostic hardware/software interfaces.

Our technicians can increase safety and reliability by using fewer electrical component, decrease the cost of maintenance of the whole electrical system and reduce the complexity of harness and connection points as a result of multiplexing.

One of the greatest benefits that our customers are getting is the ease of electrical troubleshooting in the multiplexed buses.

We are ready to bring your fleet to another level by solving issues with multiplexing. Increase reliability of your transit vehicles in Mississauga Bus Coach and Truck repair Inc.

Multiplexing is an Evolving Future of Transit Vehicles

all electrical support that you need

Multiplexing is the most popular in the bus manufacturing sector. It brings benefits to the driver, which can run diagnostics and pre-trip inspection on some modern buses. System can check all of the functions - lights, horn, wheelchair lift, bus kneeling, it can check the starter and check the codes on the engine and the transmission. This definitely will increase safety of the ride.

Some of the buses can be equipped with external radar transmitters, that act like eyes, and can detect a person, that is too close to the bus.

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be on the go faster

Time-Sensitive and Cost-Efficient Service

Electronic Repair, Video Surveillance, Upgrades and Modifications
all services are available at our repair facility in Mississauga, Ontario

We repair faults on electrical systems and faults in Power Starting, charging, Engine, Gearbox, Retarder, Road lighting, Interlocks, Kneeling, Doors, Ramp, Warning lights, Buzzers, Bells, Interior lighting.

  • We repair this kinds of faults on electrical systems: Power Starting, charging, Engine, Gearbox, Retarder, Road lighting, Interlocks, Kneeling, Doors, Ramp, Warning lights, Buzzers, Bells, Interior lighting

  • Mississauga Bus Coach and Truck Repairs Inc. installs, repairs and maintain your buses CCTV system. We can uninstall the CCTV system that is ready for reuse

  • Specialists of our company, located near Toronto will provide professional installation of the LED road, interior, will work on exterior lighting, PA systems, Audio Visual equipment,  battery guards, parking sensors and warning systems

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