HVAC Repair

We provide HVAC system installation, repair and service
for heavy-duty vehicles (buses, mini-buses, coaches, trucks)

* For special circumstances, we will extend our hours and/or open on Sunday to minimize your fleets downtime.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems Repair

HVAC repair is crucial for passenger's and driver's comfort. To Mississauga Bus Coach & Truck Repairs. Inc. every client is unique and valuable, so we will provide the best and the quickest service to provide any HVAC repairs.

We work closely with Grayson Thermal Systems for installation, retrofitting, repair or warranty support of HVAC systems . You can feel confident, as Grayson HVAC products are reliable. We have parts on stock or we can order any special part for your purposes.

Product range available:

Healthier Way for Transit Vehicles
Passengers and Drivers

HVAC Systems

HVAC operation plays a significant role in transit buses, as it has direct impact on the comfort and health of passengers and the driver.

We also offer and work with air purification and filtration systems.

Mississauga Bus, Coach and Truck Repairs Inc. partners with Grayson Thermal Systems

The leading supplier of Cooling, Heating & Air Conditioning Products

Solutions for Electric Buses HVAC

As zero-emission buses are becoming popular all over Canada we offer professional help in servicing these vehicles. HVAC systems can consume a large percentage of available power. Our goal is to provide our customers with modern and tech related solutions to reduce power consumption increasing available energy to drive the bus further.

Mississauga Bus Group of Companies is an expert in service and is expanding its service offering for all types of ZEBs.

Visit the website of Damera Bus Sales Canada Corp. to learn more about our electric vehicles.

Transit Buses and Air Purification

making transit work cleanly

There are effective solutions to make the quality of the air in buses better. Effective systems remove viruses and bacteria from the cabin area and reduce concentrations of formaldehyde.
Drivers and riders need a clean environment.

Contact us to upgrade or repair your vehicle.

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